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Is Roadrunner Auctions the place you want to sell your items?

You will make the most money by matching your items with the best place to sell them; Consignment Store, Craigslist, Ebay or Amazon, Yard Sale or Auction House. If you decide an auction house is the way to go contact a couple of auction houses before making your decision to compare commission rates, length of time it will take to sell your items and how long you will have to wait to get paid.

How much are your items worth?

Market value is determined on demand and rarity as well as the economy. Also, sentiment often affects the value potential a consignor attributes to their item. More than one person will have to want to buy your item to drive the price up. We want your items to sell for as much as possible because our profits are based on how much your items sell for.

How do you consign an item or items at Roadrunner Auctions?

You will need to schedule a day and time for drop off under "consignor" using the easy to use scheduler located on the lower half of the home page of this website. When you arrive at your scheduled time you will place your items in a designated area and arrange your items in "lots", as you want them to be sold. Someone will review your items and you will be given an itemized receipt of the items you dropped off. We do not lot your items nor do we clean or repair your items.

Can Roadrunner Auctions pick up or deliver your items?

Roadrunner Auctions does not offer a pickup or delivery service at this time.

What will Roadrunner Auctions charge you for your items?

There are no upfront cost to you as a consignor when selling your items at Roadrunner Auctions. We offer a very competitive commission rate based on a sliding scale that ranges from 10% to 100%. The more your item sells for the more you as the consignor will profit. High dollar items, $500 and over will be negotiable. The are no charges for photography, insurance, cataloging and offering your items for sale using our website. Commission rates for Estate auctions and business liquidations (off-site auctions) will be negotiated after we view the location and determine the amount of items as well as labor costs.

How much will you make?

Roadrunner Auctions starts each lot at $1.00 so the amount you make will depend on the demand for your item. Your selling price will increase when multiple potential buyers want your item. Any unsold lots will be returned at no cost, however if it does not sell for $1 then it should probably have not been dropped off.

How long will it take to sell your items?

In most cases your items will be in the following Tuesday night auction. In some instances your item may be held over an additional week, however, you will be notified when you drop off you item as to which auction it will be in.

When do you get paid for your item?

Payment is ready the next day after the auction. Use the scheduler to make your appointment. When you arrive at your appointed time you will receive your payment along with any items that may have not sold.

What items not to bring:

- used sheets, towels, linens, pillows, bedspreads, mattresses

- used clothes,shoes and accessories unless they are deemed collectible

- personal hygiene items, massagers, hair dryers unless new box

- crutches, braces, walkers, cribs, high chairs, car seats, oxygen tanks

- any item that requires a medical prescription or is regulated by the FDA

- everyday dishes, glassware, pots and pans, silverware, utensils or clear glass items that have minimal value

- VHS tapes, cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, home recorded music or video

- outdated monitors, keyboards and software unless deemed collectible

- outdated computers unless deemed collectible

- particle board, press board or laminated over particle board or press board furniture

- designer purses, handbags or wallets unless new with tags

- tobacco,fireworks or alcohol unless they are deemed collectible

- electronics that do not have power cords - we can't test them

- chipped, cracked, broken or repaired items

- holiday items, any holiday

- reproductions or copies of coins or sports cards

- mixed box lots, boxes with miscellaneous non-related items

- single items of costume jewelry unless deemed collectible

- used bicycle or motorcycle helmets unless they have been re-certified

- out of date or obsolete sports equipment unless deemed collectible

- everyday purses or lots of purses of any type

- bird feathers, turtle shells and any other items deemed illegal to sell by State or Federal regulations

- reproduction or "copy" items that may be deceptive when compared to an authentic item

- any other goods or collection of goods that may have minimal auction value

If you had a garage sale and did not sell your items they are probably not what we are looking for 

All items should be clean and in working order

We would like each lot to potentially sell for a minimum of $20



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